• Given the well-recognized pressures of 21st century living, there is an increasing awareness of the environmental and nutritional factors that affect our health.

  • At the BioMed Clinic Bangkok we recognize the importance of these influences and offer the opportunity to explore the role they may play in patient health and well-being. The core of our practice remains strictly evidence-based, and we believe there are clear benefits in bringing together various approaches to health care to reflect the complex needs of our bodies.

  • Our medical team is led by international experts, who fully embrace this integrated approach. Their professional network allows them to fully utilize the finest specialists and practitioners practicing today and offer their expertise in medical care. This includes our team of resident GPs, working alongside a team of pre-eminent Wellness Consultants and Health Practitioners, in the fields of allergy, environmental and nutritional medicine, cancer therapy, diagnostics, genomics, gynecology (fertility and hormones), bio-identical hormone therapy, dermatology, aesthetics, cardiology, rheumatology, acupuncture, colonic hydro therapy, nutrition, osteopathy, psychotherapy, and other areas.

  • Every aspect of your physical, mental, and emotional well-being is cared for as our medical team work in harmony to achieve the perfect program for you.