Laser Therapy

Blood Laser Therapy

The importance of lasers in medicine is increasingly recognized, as there are hundreds of research papers published each year. In addition to the well-known use of lasers for surgical purposes (hard laser) the soft laser is seen as equally important. The introduction of our modern multi-channel laser systems (up to 12 independently programmable lasers) in 2001 caused a revolution in medical laser therapy. Additionally, the highly focused laser (Laser needles) provide a large increase in penetration depths. Furthermore, through a combination of different laser wavelengths (red, infrared, green and blue laser), reparative effects of a great variety can be achieved in the tissue.

Weber Medical is committed to research and technical development of the laser and as a result it can now also be applied directly within damaged tissue, to specifically allow the treatment of normally highly treatment-resistant symptoms, this is a much more effective treatment option for conditions like spinal injury, herniated discs, joint arthrosis, etc. The use of our intravenous laser therapy device leads to a general energizing, immune enhancement, and metabolic optimization. Thus, it offers a very successful way to treat a variety of intractable diseases.

Intravenous Laser Therapy

Intravascular laser blood irradiation was performed for the first time about 25 years ago in the former Soviet Union.

Laser light was introduced directly into the flowing blood. Previously, in-vitro studies have shown that biological soft laser irradiation of white blood cells trigger a variety of positive effects. In particular, expression of immuno-globulins, interferons, and interleukins are found, all of which are of particular importance. After introduction of the process, numerous studies were published that showed additional effects on various metabolic processes. In almost all patients we found a general stabilizing and energizing, as well as many other positive effects in conditions like chronic liver diseases, diabetes mellitus, lipid disorders, and various other diseases. This opens new therapy options in the treatment of systemic disorders of the metabolism and immune system.

General Effects

– Stimulation of the immune system and macrophage activation
– Significant improvement in overall performance
– Improvement in sleep and vigilance
– Positive effect on the general mood
– Reduction of drug consumption

Special Effects

– Optimization of the diabetic metabolic state
– Stat incomparable influence of hyper- cholesterolemia
– Significant reduction of pathologically elevated liver values
– Reduction in frequency of relapses in chronic inflammatory bowel disease
– Improvement in general health status and mobility in MS disease
– Positive influence on intractable pain syndromes
– Positive influence of tinnitus
– Reduction of antihypertensive medication for severe hypertension
– Positive influence of maculopathy

Areas of application:

– Photodynamic cancer therapy in combination with different photosensitizers ( PDT )
– Diabetes mellitus
– Chronic liver, kidney and Lyme disease
– Dyslipidemia
– Heart disease
– Chronic pain syndromes
– Allergies and eczema
– Performance enhancement in sport
– Polyneuropathies
– Fibromyalgia, Rheumatism
– Hypertension
– Tinnitus
– Macular Degeneration
– Multiple Sclerosis
– Depression, Burn-out syndrome, CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome)