Long Covid

 Long Covid

Integrative medicine management in Long COVID

Large community-based study involving over half a million adults in England analyzes persistent symptoms following SARS-CoV-2 infection

UK-based researchers recently conducted a community-based study among more than half a million people; it was designed to be representative of the adult population in England. A random sample of adults 18 years and above who were registered with a GP were invited to participate in the study regardless of previous access to COVID-19 services to provide an estimate of population prevalence representative of the whole population.

Using rounds 3–5 of the REACT-2 study, a total of 508,707people in the community in England were surveyed about prior history of COVID-19 and the presence and duration of 29 related symptoms. They used uni-and multivariable models to identify predictors of symptom persistence at 12 weeks or beyond.

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