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Stem cell therapy is a modern and highly effective form of treatment using the body’s own stem cells. Through targeted use, it supports cell renewal and leads the entire organism to comprehensive regeneration. Stem cell therapy is one of the most effective forms of treatment for sustainable and measurable regeneration using the body’s own resources. Our portfolio is comprised of various forms of stem cell therapy using the body‘s own stem cells, which are taken from venous blood or from adipose tissue. In the field of modern medicine, these therapeutic methods are seen in the as core forms of treatment in the areas of regeneration, antiaging, and preventative medicine. A single implementation of stem cells is normally sufficient and effects are optimized through a combination with further, additional forms of regenerative therapy.


The field of vital- and regenerative medicine using stem cells functions at a systemic level and repairs/rejuvenates personal physical weaknesses and aesthetic deficiencies. The effects can be felt on many different levels: energy and vitality increase, the skin’s structure is improved and it has a fresher, more youthful appearance, impeded bodily functions such as the immune system, digestion and circulation receive new impulses and resume operating at optimal levels, while high blood pressure and acid-base levels are normalized. Sleep quality is increased and mobility in joints improved. In brief: a measurable increase in health and well-being, energy, vitality and the quality of life.

  • Cell regeneration
  • Skin regeneration and improved tone
  • Regulation of the metabolic process
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Improved digestion
  • Increased circulation in hands and feet
  • Blood pressure is regulated
  • The immune system is strengthened
  • Improved joint mobility
  • Higher energy levels
  • Youthfulness and vitality


The effects of the vital- and regenerative medical treatment with stem cells are optimized through additional, highly effective therapy focused on regeneration and rejuvenation. Our experts for Vital- and Regenerative Medicine, Diagnostics and Preventative Medicine create an individually-tailored course of therapy taken from our further focal areas including medical detox, immunity modulation cell renewal. A final status report, including personal care recommendations, rounds out the lasting and sustainable effects of this treatment, leading to improved health, energy levels and quality of life.

Xenogeneic Cell Therapy (X-CT)

Organs consist of different cells and tissues that constantly renew themselves. Diseased or restricted working cells die or lose their balance. The cause of many diseases is a disturbed function and communication of the organ systems among each other. Health problems like immunodeficiency, premature aging with the loss of vitality, wear and tear, allergic or chronic disorders are mostly based on more than one single cause. For this reason it is important to consider humans in a holistic way having regard to as many health factors as possible. Other than conventional medicine that alleviates symptoms temporary with drugs, holistic therapies focuses on eliminating the cause.

Xenogeneic Cell Therapy is based on the principles of empirical medicine whose origin lies in the past. Our holistic therapy concept does not contradict conventional medicine but supplements it without giving a promise of cure. Holistic treatment methods can regulate physical and mental processes, regenerate the body and thus assess the cause of the complaints. X-CT is based on the principles of empirical medicine whose origin lies far back in the past. The cell therapy was already developed and applied in 1931 by the Swiss physician Prof. Dr. Paul Niehans. Based on the principles of the traditional cell therapy our doctors have developed the modern cell therapy in which only cell extracts are applied that have passed the test for sterility and endotoxin content in a state-approved laboratory. The bioactive cell therapeutics contain all valuable ingredients such as mitochondria, ribonucleic acid, organelles, sources of energy like ATP and signal molecules.

The patient’s safety is the first priority. Ongoing monitoring and controlling systems during the whole production process in the company´s own TÜV certified GMP laboratory ensure consistent quality and security for all products. Xenogeneic Cell Therapy is an holistic alternative medicine and based on empirical findings for treating physical and mental complaints. This treatment is not accepted in the traditional medical science and as far as we know there are no scientific studies.

For this reason, our statements and indications are based exclusively on experiences from last decades. Our experience indicates that the cell therapy can regulate physical and mental processes, bring them back into balance, support the entire organism and thus assess the cause of complaints.

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